terms and conditions

Ordering a wijswater tile brings these terms and conditions

  • - Delivery takes place after payment of the full amount plus delivery costs.
  • - Astrid Moors committed herself to wrapping the tile(s) or c-print(s) adequately to minimise the possiblity of damage.
  • - Astrid Moors isn't responible for loss or damage during transport.
  • - The wijswater tile or c-print can be retuned within 7 working days, with adress and bank numbers, after sending an e-mail to Astrid Moors. The wijswater tile or c-print should be wrapped adequately and have enough postage paid. The delivery costs for retuning a wijswater tile or c-print are at the expense of the client. The client will be responsible for the tile or c-print until it is received by Astrid Moors. After receipt of the tile or c-print in good order, the purchase money will be refunded.
  • - When a wijswater tile or c-print shows a defect, it should be reported via e-mail as soon as possible, Astrid Moors will take care off a correct settlement.
  • - When ordering a tile or c-print you will agree to these terms and conditions.