Order a wijswater drawing

Have you seen a drawing to your liking on this website that you would like to own
on a tile or as a c-print?

Fill out the form please, or mail me.

If you prefer; you can buy a few of the wijswater drawings on ETSY

C-PRINTS: € 25,-

Each drawing is also available on c-print on Schoellershammer calque paper 115 gram, 20x25 cm (€ 25 per drawing, including VAT and shipping in NL) Limited prints! Max of 5 c-prints per drawing. Titled, signed and numbered.

- One print of your choice, in a design (XLboom) handmade wooden frame (25x25 cm) with double glass costs € 85,- incl. vat and shipping (NL)

- Two c-prints of your choice in a 32x32 cm XLboom wooden frame (see picture below) € 100,- incl vat and shipping (NL)

- One print of your choice, in a simple wooden frame (25.4x25.4x4.5 cm) sewn to a white paper, € 45,-  incl vat and shipping (NL). This is what it looks like >>>

- Or 9 prints of your choice, slightly smaler (12x12 cm), in a simple wooden frame (50x50x4.5 cm) sewn to white paper, € 400,-  incl vat and shipping (NL)

TILES: € 65,-

A 13 x13 cm tile ("fries witje", baked at 800 degrees) with drawing costs € 65,- including vat and shipping (NL)
Titled, signed and dated on the back.

All other sizes are possible. In larger order the price will be adjusetd (> 10 = € 50,- per tiel, > 30 = € 40,- per tile)
For outside use? Can do! These tiles are baked @1200 degrees and slightly more expensive.

Een c-print van elke tekening op schoellershammer 115 grams kalkpapier kost € 25, met een maximale oplage van 5 - See more at: http://www.wijswater.nl/cms/?q=bestel#sthash.sVSVLsIw.dpuf

Or would you like to commission a new drawing to go with a  text?
Please fill out the form below and then I will contact you.

Read the terms and conditions

a tile of 13x13 cm:

an order of 26 tiles:

c-print on calquepaper in an XLboom wooden frame 25x25 cm


two semi-transparent c-prints in an XLboom 32x32 frame

or in a simple wooden frame (25.4x25.4x4.5 cm) sewn to a white paper


If in commission: what should your drawing be about? Surely it has to be something involving water...
an example image or a picture to get inspired? load it up...
Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png bmp txt rtf odf pdf doc docx.