WIJSWATER . 231 drawings

All drawings in 'wijswater' (literally: wise water) relate to wisdom sayings, facts and quotes involving water.
This website, concept and drawings are by visual artist Astrid Moors.

Order a drawing
If you would you like to own a drawing on a 10x10 cm tile à 75 euro's  (or a c-print on any surface of wish),  please send me an email at post @
If you order one of the 'wise water' drawings shown on the site, please mention the title. You can also order a water-related drawing to be made for especially for you.

Astrid Moors
Astrid Moors' works of art always are influenced by the digital: from painted pixels to interactive animations. These works often look like isolated anecdotes to which the viewer is welcome to add their own context. More about her work is at

All images: copyright @ Astrid Moors.

The wijswater drawings are posted on Instagram 


How this came to be
The inspiration for this site of 'wise water' (wijswater) sayings came from an exhibition in Lecq gallery in Rotterdam in 2012. The project space, the Lecq gallery, is an old lock keepers booth on a canal in a neighbourhood of Rotterdam called Delfshaven. Reminiscent of the famed 'delft blue' tiles, a tile tableau (125 x 125 cm) made of 625 small hand shaded tiles was displayed in an exhibition on the theme of 'Water.' Collectively these tiles created a QR code, a type of bar code, that links to
During the exhibition only one new drawing per day was shown on this website (no summary), while twice a week the drawings (as shown on that website) were added to the exhibition. The series of water-related drawings grew over the 64 days in the gallery space until all the windows were filled.

Pictures of the location:

- an order of 25 tiles (13x13 cm) for a kitchen.
- @ Galerie de Pieter in Leiden (20 - 4 untill 26 - 5 '13) _ 30 c-prints on calquepaper and 2 tiles 13x13 cm
- @ Keringhuis Hoek van Holland (Februari '13) _  the big QRcode, 625 tiles 5x5 cm
- @ Galerie Lecq, Rotterdam, autumn  2012  _ the big QR code and 65 c-prints on paper

@ gallery de Pieter, Leiden

@ Keringhuis, Hoek van Holland

and all next photo's @ Galerie Lecq, Rotterdam